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Chicken Pox or Bedbug Bites: A Definitive analysis

Do you remember as a kid when the local board of condition would send a man or woman to your house who would take a look at you, and say, “That’s Chicken Pox, all right!”

Then he or she would put a sign in your window which said in big black letters, “Chicken Pox.”

Bed Bug Bite Picture

Well, if it wasn’t chickenpox it was mumps, diphtheria, scarlet fever, measles, or the dreaded polio.

Chicken Pox or Bedbug Bites: A Definitive analysis

You don’t remember?

Well, I guess you are not of my generation.

We got shots for some of the childhood diseases of our day, but not for all of them.

There where seven kids in my house and man always had something. My mother wanted every person to have the same disease at once. Once she put me in bed with my miniature brother so that I would catch whooping cough.

I didn’t catch whooping cough or anyone else that came into our home, except one day after a great career of complete immunity, I woke up with a rash.

Mother said, “John, you got chickenpox!”

“It’s just bedbugs. That’s all. The rash will go away.”

I knew I couldn't catch anyone because I always held my breath around the sick.

We had to fight bedbugs back then. every person in our neighborhood did. I don’t know if the sparrows carried them to the rich side of town or not. But we had them.

We were continually tearing the beds apart, scrubbing the springs with lie soap, stomping, killing, maiming the bed bugs here and there. After such a cleaning, you could sleep well possibly until the next Thursday, and then you had to go through the cleanup ritual again.

When I was in Korea before Ddt was poisonous and softening the bird eggs and all, we were continually harassed by medical guys shooting Ddt into our britches. That was so we would not get Bubonic Plague from the fleas in our bunkers.

I never got the Bubonic Plague, never saw anyone with the Bubonic Plague, and never heard of anyone with the Bubonic Plague. (After looking looking the plague documentary on the History Channel, I'm very glad of that.

The Ddt did the trick.

That’s how we ultimately got rid of bedbugs forever.

We used Ddt.

I went to []. The pictures there of bed bugs made my skin crawl! I hated those things when I was growing up. The miniature buggers would suck the blood out of you and swell up until they were the size of lady bird beetles, except they were hideous lady bird beetles.

The reference site carries products to kill pest. I’m sure they are not in competition with most of us, so I used them as a reference anyway. One of their testimonials says:

“I kept waking up with mysterious bites and on chance found blood spots on my sheets, suggesting they were the culprit. Sure enough, I found some bed bugs upon additional inspection the day after I bought your product. They were all over my apartment! I only found a few, but one was in the living room, one was in the bedroom, one was in the kitchen and a baby was even in the bathroom!” (The man who gave the above testimonial didn't have chickenpox!)


That’s what they call bedbugs at the reference site.

I agree! My skin is crawling from reasoning about the miniature creeps.

My mother didn’t believe me, of course. Mothers seldom do in such matters. The man came from the condition department, put the sign on the window, Chicken Pox, and left.

I said, “Momma, I’m going exterior to play.”

“You can’t go out, not for 10 days.”

I said, “Mother, I’m not sick. I want to play. These are bedbug bites.

It did no good. I never got a fever nor did I come to be ill, but I did get quarantined like my paternal grandfather did at Ellis Island.

After much research, I’ve found that they had to have bedbugs on the Mayflower.

I’m descended from George Soule who was the 35th signer of the Mayflower compact.

At you will find that George was born in 1595-1602, England and he died 22 January 1679, Duxbury, Ma He married Mary Buckett in1626, at Plymouth and had nine kids.

I ought to know a bedbug bite when I see one.

The End

P.S. I want you to know that I restrained form using a great deal of profanity in describing the bedbugs in this article.

copyright©John T. Jones, Ph.D. 2005

Chicken Pox or Bedbug Bites: A Definitive analysis

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